Samsung Takes on Giant Apple Inc.


The release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2015 was a disappointment that could not take on the giant, Apple Inc. Samsung has been much quieter about bragging about the perks of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge before their release next month. Now that the public has seen Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge, the tides have changed. Now see what these two flagship phones can do.

In performance tests, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge slaughtered every other smartphone on the market, even HTC One M9. It is the internal components that challenges current technology and moves better technology forward. The processor is an octa-core Exynos that features that new technology as well as the new flash memory features.

A new benchmark series of tests performed by “Phone Arena,” Samsung’s two new smartphones dominated once again. Tests measured the performance of Samsung’s new UFS 2.0 memory and it showed that the speeds of these phones directly impacts user experience. Samsung now offers a performance that can take on the Apple Inc. giant.

The results of the tests are as follows: in the Androbench – Random Read test the Galaxy S6 scored 77.2, the S6 edge scored the same. The HTC One (M8) scored a 13.13. In the Andreobench-Sequential Write test the Galaxy S6 scored a 139.08, the S6 edge scored the same. The HTC One (M8) scored a 24.4. The Androbench-Sequential Read test scored the S6 at a 314.87 and so did the S6 edge. The HTC One (M8) scored a 90.65.

Samsung Elect Ltd (F) was the belle of the ball at the Mobile World Conference 2015. Although there were many that approved of the new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. However, there were some that believed the design was similar to Apple’s iPhone 6. Still, Samsung dominated the event over Apple Inc.

JK Shin, Co-Ceo and Samsung’s head of mobile marketing with the executive vice president as well as global marketing for IT and the Mobile Division, Younghee Lee shared highlights about the Galaxy S6. The two were also able to handle critics by simply denying any similarities with the iPhone 6. Mr. Shin stated that Samsung’s textures were different, the colors were deeper tones and Samsung’s phones are more durable. Samsung is looking into other construction methods so it would be more difficult for outside companies to replicate.

Mr. Shin says that he wants to send an extremely clear, “crisp and strong message to Apple.” In 2014, Samsung took a hard hit with skyrocketing sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Also Chinese competitors were at Samsung’s heels. However, releasing the Galaxy S6 will take a large part in the high-end Chinese market and Samsung can take on the giant Apple Inc.

Samsung’s flagship phones will launch April 10, 2015, but has been taking pre-orders online since the unveiling. At Mobile World Congress, Samsung became the most talked about brand. Amobee Brand Intelligence is a digital marketing tech firm that has stated that in social media discussions, news coverage, reports, and mobile views, the Galaxy S6 dominated the coverage.

Amobee Brand Intelligence also reported that Apple was mostly associated with MWC, even without attending the event. It is possible the publicity Apple gained when it unveiled its Apple Watch granted Apple the same marketing objectives as the event would have. However, it was Samsung that took the lead over giant Apple, Inc.

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Photo courtesy of Samsung Tomorrow – Flickr License

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