Shailene Woodley’s Healthy Lifestyle Motivates Change

Shailene Woodley is at it again, starring in her latest film, Insurgent (Divergent sequel), and maintaining her healthy lifestyle. Many remember her performance in Divergent and she continued to manifest her talent in Fault in Our Stars. Once the secret to her personal life was revealed, she gained immediate attention for her daily routine of eating healthy, working out, and being herself. Shailene Woodley healthy lifestyle motivates change to start eating healthier and less junk food.

The 23-year-old star began her healthy lifestyle as a teenager. One day, after asking herself questions about the environment while walking on her high school campus, she began researching factory farming, genetically-engineered foods and agriculture. Save the earth was the message she continued to receive after researching what environmentalists were doing in regards to keeping food safe for humanity.

Woodley told ABC News her own theory: “We are nature and we are the Earth,” is what influenced her to change be more conscious of how to start helping to save the planet. Since she has been making better choices with her health, she is able to share her healthy “new age hippie” lifestyle with everyone, and it is impacting lots of people she comes across. Shailene Woodley’s healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial for those that want to eat cleaner, but she has remedies that will cleanse the body inside and out using all of earth’s natural resources.

During an interview with Women’s Health Magazine, she hugged everyone who asked for a photo while in New York. Shailene’s vibrant energy emits a surge of her love of life and nature to anyone in her presence. Shailene Woodley is not your average,  23-year-old worried about the latest fashion trends. Born and raised in Southern California, she has been molded to be a free-spirit who is beyond the lights and cameras, which allows her to stay in tuned with who she really is as well as with the earth.

Since many individuals are interested in Shailene Woodley’s healthy lifestyle, she has numerous of keys for those who would try to live like her. One of her easiest routines, which she uses on set, is easy to manage when living at a high pace. She tells Health Celeb a few of her secrets which keep her energy high. On set, Shailene keeps bundles of fruits and vegetables stored in her refrigerator, and she stays away from salty foods and alcohol to keep from bloating. Her famous clay is continuously on-set to keep her body from negative toxins which build up daily.

Shailene Woodley says that one of her key elements to good exercise is to walk or run barefoot in green grass. Being barefoot in grass not only soothes your feet, it helps you stay relaxed and enhances your vision. She also does yoga for 15 to 45 minutes a day to keep her core strong for the acrobatic scenes in her action film, Insurgent. Shailene Woodley healthy lifestyle continues to influence young adults and friends to make the earth a healthy, loving place.

By Krystle Mitchell

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Photo By Ed Van West – Flickr License

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