‘The Walking Dead’: ‘Try’ and Try Again [Recap & Review]

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead episode, Try, was the penultimate episode of the season, meaning there is just one episode to go, next week’s finale. Last week’s episode, Spend, saw Daryl speeding off on a recruiting mission, and Sergeant Abraham Ford apparently getting into a new job, helping to rebuild and fortify the defenses of the Alexandria Safe Zone.

Sadly, though, The Walking Dead episode, Spend, also saw the deaths of the characters Aidan and Noah. Glenn and his crew will have a lot of explaining to do to Aidan’s mother, Deanna Monroe, who is the leader of the Alexandria Safe Zone. Will Nicholas tell her the truth, or lie to maybe make himself look better?

The Walking Dead episode, Try, opened with a scene of a walker walking over the photos that Sasha shot up during a target practice session last episode. Then, Deanna and her husband listened to music and Carol baked a dish. Sam peered in the window. Sasha was on guard duty, aiming her gun, but she fought sleepiness.

Deanna and her family were in their house, when a knock came at her door. She looked outside and saw the dish that Carol had prepared, along with a note from her about being sorry for her loss. She left the food and went inside, where she burned the note.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Aaron were briefly seen, out on a mission to recruit more people. Aaron said that there were a lot more of the walkers around now, and fewer people. The Walking Dead went to its first break of the episode.

When The Walking Dead came back, Nicholas was seen and heard, being recorded by Deanna. Also, Glenn was seen and heard, giving his version. Nicholas said that he was not going to leave either Aidan or Tara. He lied, again, saying “They were going to kill me.”

He said “They did this! It was them!” Deanna watched the two versions. She said no guns, no going out of the walls until she finished her investigation.

Glenn spoke to Rick, asking him if he should have left Nicholas there.

Rick said “Their rules — we don’t answer to them.”

Glenn said “We’ve gotta make this work.”

Rick joined Carol outside. Carol said she had sent Deanna a tuna casserole. She told Rick that Sam’s mom had a bolt put inside his closet and told him to lock himself into the closet if he had to do so. She told Rick about Jessie being abused.

Rick was near Peter and Jessie’s house, with his gun in his hand. Peter asked him “Are you okay, man?”

Rick said to him “Keep walking.” Peter first said “What?” then he walked away. The Walking Dead headed to another commercial break.

The Walking Dead returned from the commercial break, with Michonne getting out of bed. Then, Rosalie knocked on Michonne’s door, and told her “I think that Sasha spent all night in the tower.”

They both went out to check on her. Michonne had a gun instead of her katana, which she had hung up on a wall in an earlier episode.

Michonne was saying “Noah’s dead.” Rosalie said “That doesn’t mean you have to give up.”

Rick told Deanna “I’m sorry about what happened.”

“I’m not,” Deanna said.

“We have a problem with Pete.”

“I was hoping it would get better,” she said.

“You knew about it?” Rick asked. She told him that Peter was a surgeon and he had saved people. He told her Peter might have to be killed. She argued that “We don’t kill people. We exile them.”

Deanna told him “I wouldn’t kill you. I’d just send you away.”

Michonne and Rosalie continued searching for Sasha. They came across the photos that Sasha had used to shoot at.

The young teen girl, Enid, that Carl had followed outside of the walls of the Alexandria Safe Zone called to Carl, saying “You’re going the wrong way.” She told him that Carl following her scared her a little bit. Enid took off running, and he followed her.

The Walking Dead came back on after a break, and Carl caught up with Enid. Walkers headed their way. Carl and Enid took off.

Glenn said “Nicholas, don’t talk, just listen.” He told Nicholas that those deaths were on him. “You don’t go outside of those wall any more.”

“Who do you think you are?” Nicholas asked.

“Don’t forget what I said,” Glenn said.

“Are you threatening me?” Nicholas asked.

“No, I’m saving you,” Glenn replied.

Carl and Enid sat under a tree, talking. Carl said that he could not forget about what had happened. “Why do I scare you?” he asked.

“I don’t know. You just do,” Enid told him.

“Cool knife,” Carl said, about a knife that she had. She told him it had been her mom’s. Walkers approached, and they hid inside of a hollow tree, face-to-face.

Nicholas unearthed a gun that he had buried outside of the walls. Elsewhere, Sasha was taking down walkers with her gun.

“Sasha, go back!” Michonne said.

Sasha would not do it. Michonne asked her if she was going to take on all of them. Michonne told her “We have to go back.”

“No, we don’t. You do,” Sasha said. Michonne and Rosalie also started dispatching the walkers. One had her pinned to the ground. Sasha said “I don’t need your help! I told you to go!”

Sasha yelled at Michonne, saying “It worked out for you! You can’t help me! Noah, I told him he wouldn’t make it,” she said. She looked back and forth between the faces of Michonne and Rosalie, then walked away, as The Walking Dead headed to another commercial break.

When The Walking Dead came back after the break, Daryl and Aaron were on foot, walking in the forest, and say dismembered body parts. Daryl said “This just happened.”

They continued walking, stealthily, and came to a woman who had been tied up. Aaron said “She was tied up, they came upon her, and tore her apart.” She also had become a walker. Daryl drove a knife into her head.

Rick talked with Jessie. He said “He’s hurting you. It has to stop.”

“It will,” she said.

“How?” Rick asked.

“Look, it was like this before. I can help. I can fix it,” Jessie said.

“What are you going to do? Put him in jail?” Jessie asked him.

Rick told her if it got any worse, it would mean that “He would kill you.”

Jessie told him “I’m married! I can take care of myself! We have to take care of ourselves!” Jessie then went inside her house.

On patrol, Rick tried to calm down. Then, he went back inside Jessie’s house. “You know, Sam asked for a gun, to try to protect you. We have food and roofs over our heads. But, if you don’t fight, you die, and I don’t want you to die. I can help you. I can keep you and your boys safe. I can — all you have to do is say ‘yes.'”

“Would you do this for someone else? Would you do it for anyone?” she asked him.

She told Rick “Yes.”

Pete came out and asked “What are you doing here? I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

She told him “No.”

“Excuse me? What is she talking about?” Pete asked.

“Pete, you and me are leaving, right now.” Rick told him.

“Who do you think you are?” Peter asked Rick.

Rick said “I’m trying not to kill you,” but Pete punched him, and the fight was on. They crashed through the window of the house, as The Walking Dead went to more commercials.

When The Walking Dead returned from the last break of the episode, Sasha had her gun at the ready. She saw through her sites Enid, running. Carl chased after her. Those scenes were interspersed with scenes of Rick and Peter fighting.

Deanna said “Stop it, right now.”

“Or what?” Rick asked, pointing his gun in their direction. “Are you going to kick me out? You still don’t get it — none of you do. You still don’t get it. We know what to do. You just sit and plan and hesitate. You think you know what you’re doing, but you don’t. Things won’t get better because you want them to do. We need to control who lives here,” Rick said.

“That’s never been more clear to me than now,” Deanna said.

“I’m not gonna stand by and –” Rick said. Michonne came up to him and punched him. That was the end of the episode of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead episode, Try, was a pretty intense one. Sasha went a bit trigger-happy, Deanna did not know if she should believe Nicholas or Glenn, Daryl and Aaron came across people who had been deliberately killed by someone, Rick tried to help out Jessie, who was unsure why he wanted to help her, then there was the all-out fight Rick had with Peter, and Rick’s seeming to have gone crazy, yelling at Deanna and her community who witnessed the end of the fight, including Michonne shutting Rick up as only she can do.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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