South Korea Demands Release of Detained Citizens in Pyongyang

South Korea
Officials in Seoul are seeking the release of two men, Kim Kuk Gi and Choe Chun Gil, respectively, who are currently being held prisoner by the North Korean government due to alleged espionage charges. Officials in Pyongyang have asserted to South Korea, that the two detained citizens were guilty of collecting confidential information, and therefore are not deserving of release.

Gi and Gil have both consistently denied any wrongdoing for the crimes they have been accused of. The media in North Korea has insisted that the two were seeking to create economic chaos with crimes including, spreading counterfeit money and releasing slanderous articles to the North Korean public.

This is the latest incident of South Korean citizens being held captive by North Korea due to suspicion of espionage. South Korea is requesting that North Korea releases their detained citizens without any hesitation or reparation. Officials in the North remain insistent that the men currently being detained, in addition to other detainees in the past, were spies. International experts have insisted that this incident is another attempt by North Korea to rally their citizens against their southern neighbors.

By Philip Cunningham


The New York Times

Photo by: Marcelo Druck – Flickr License


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