Sweet Briar Alumnae Call for President, Board of Directors to Resign

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Saving Sweet Briar, Inc., the group that many alumnae from the college have spearheaded, has been raising the funds to keep the women-only institution of higher education open. This comes after a decision was made last month to close Sweet Briar when it was announced a lack of funds and a decline in enrollment would lead to the college’s end. The alumnae have now called for the president of Sweet Briar, James Jones Jr., and the board of directors to resign as many complaints of financial wrongdoings have been cited.

A letter sent by Troutman Sanders, the group’s law firm, stated the college’s president and the board of directors have violated their responsibilities to the college. The letter goes on to state that both parties have, “breached their fiduciary duties to Sweet Briar College.”

The law firm explained that the president and the board of directors engaged in acts of secrecy towards the college’s financial matters and showed a lack of transparency in coming to the decision to close the doors of Sweet Briar. Graduates of Sweet Briar College, both past and present, have launched the #savesweetbriar movement that has allotted over $3 million in donations in the past few weeks to aid the college’s need for the funds to keep the institution going.

By Alex Lemieux


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