Sweet Briar College to Close Over Financial Issues

sweet briar college

Sweet Briar College will close its doors to students after a 114-year run of producing successful, well-rounded graduates. The college’s board of directors voted to close the prestigious college at the end of the current academic year due to unfortunate financial matters.

According to a press release, Sweet Briar College’s board voted on Friday and has announced the unprecedented closing is due to “insurmountable financial challenges.” The college, located 14 miles outside Lynchburg, Virginia, placed blame on the declining enrollment in recent years. Sweet Briar College, the women-only, private, liberal arts college, nestled in a picturesque valley in rural Bedford County, cited that it implemented a discounted rate for tuition to increase enrollment; however, their attempts were met with a morose fate.

President James F. Jones Jr. stated Sweet Briar College has been a great part of his life and his position as president of the college had a deep meaning to him.

Currently, Sweet Briar is aiding students in their transfer efforts to other universities. Notifications were set out today to students, both current and past, parents, staff, and state officials.

By Alex Lemieux




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