Ted Cruz and His Many Faces Announces 2016 Bid

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, age 44 and a man of many faces announced his 2016 bid officially announced his 2015 bid. A first term senator, he has been known for his sharpness, and ability to solve problems. After having worked as a law clerk for Chief Justice Rehnquist, where he impressed his co-workers with his integrity, he arrived in Austin, Texas to serve on George W. Bush’s presidential campaign. His savvy and energy helped him move up the ranks, where his criticism of Washington’s excess spending and bureaucracy helped to fuel his popularity among grass-roots conservatives. Thus he is not known so much as a lawmaker but more as one looking to gut the size of the government as well as do away with policies with which he disagrees.

Because of his outlook, Cruz appears to be fresh new face in contrast to some of the more veteran political insiders, in fact, many of the non-hipster millennials who are members of Young Americans for Liberty are flocking over to him in support of his campaign, which may serve as stiff competition for the more known Libertarian candidates such as Rand Paul and his father Ron. However, Cruz comes across as a man of many faces in which he can appear both Libertarian as well as a hard-line conservative. In addition to his proposal to repeal Obamacare across the board, his second priority he states is abolishing the IRS.

In his tongue-in-cheek quote to “relocate all 125,000 IRS agents to the Southern Border” Cruz presents die-hard Libertarians with a treat which echoes pages of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. He jokes that this will serve a dual role – one would be eliminating the IRS and the second, creating an around-the-clock U.S. Mexican border patrol. This not only sparks the energy in young conservative voters, but with a touch of humor as well.

Cruz does not want to eliminate taxes altogether, but rather create a simple flat tax managed by a a department much smaller than the existing IRS and thus with far less the power of intimidation. This comes as a breath of fresh air to many mainstream conservative voters.  There are however, still a few challenges Cruz faces in his 2016 bid.

While coming up with proposals challenging the old order, some of his other policies echo that exactly. He is big on defense spending, anti-abortion, ardently anti-immigration, leaning towards Israel’s right, pro-interventionist, and skeptical of global warming. Though these standings will basically write him off among liberal voters, Libertarians along with some moderate Republicans may feel a bit sheepish. If so, then what is it that is attracting these young libertarians to this relative newcomer?

One reason would be that despite his running under the GOP, his general disdain for either party. Several of his colleagues are long known veterans of the Conservative Right who seem to generate the same old messages without getting much done, as well as the Liberal Left who seem to drive the country in a direction which creates more bureaucracy in the system. His energy and many faces give Cruz much appeal. A man of many faces, Libertarian, traditional Conservative, war monger, and evangelist all in one as well as a man who fled the dictatorship of Cuba, Cruz adds some new color as the first to throw in his bid for 2016. There is still much to be seen and time will tell, but despite his multi-faceted appearance, Ted Cruz could just as well be the man to spark the much-needed change that is so desperately needed in this country.

By Bill Ades
The New York Times
The Huffington Post
Photo by John Pemble – Flickr License

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