Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem, Seven Injured

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A terrorist attack as occurred today as a Palestinian driver slammed his car into a group of pedestrians standing at a train station in east Jerusalem, injuring seven people, including six Israeli soldiers. Moments later, guards at the station fired upon the man, injuring him. Local law enforcement officer Luba Samri claimed the incident as a “terror attack.”

Following the crash, the driver of the car emerged from the wreckage wielding a knife, stabbing one individual prior to him being taken down. Those in the crowd that were injured and the driver were sent to the hospital, according to local reports.

Police have identified the alleged terrorist as a young Palestinian man from east Jerusalem. Police explained taking preventative measures against these kinds of attacks is tough because they are carried out by “lone wolf” assailants.

The terrorist attack comes right as Israelis are set to celebrate the sacred Jewish holiday of Purim. Therefore, officials from local law enforcement offices stated they are boosting security throughout Jerusalem. Mayor Nir Barakat said holiday events will continue as scheduled.

Many lone wolf terrorist attacks have been conducted in the area, as well as the areas near the Gaza Strip. The terrorist attack today mirrored a string of similar attacks carried out on Israelis last year during massive tensions over the Temple Mount, the most revered holy site in Jerusalem.

By Alex Lemieux


Fox News

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