Tornado in Sand Springs Destroys 50 Mobile Homes Leaving at Least One Dead


A tornado raged through Sand Springs, Oklahoma, leaving at least one dead and 50 mobile homes destroyed. Authorities confirmed the death of one person on News On 6, who estimated the time of the strike to be around 7:30 p.m. Two of the three people were transported to the hospital in critical condition. While officials reported that the mobile homes had various levels of damage, nearly the entire park had been destroyed.

Earlier today, several tornado warnings were issued to warn people that they were in a “life-threatening situation” and to take shelter. It was initially spotted at 6:02 p.m., among several others sweeping across the county. Several more warnings are being issued into the evening and the Tulsa County Sheriff reported that there were several more injuries. About 16,000 people in Tulsa, along with 24,000 more in Oklahoma City, are without power.  The fire departments in Sand Springs and Sapulpa are conducting rescues. More on the tornado in Sand Springs that destroyed 50 mobile homes, leaving at least one dead. will be reported later on.

by Bill Ades

News on 6
NBC News

Photo by Jorge Santos – Flickr Licence

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