Tsunami Triggered by Island Earthquake

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In the wake of the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck Papua New Guinea earlier today, locals have just experienced another fright. The earthquake managed to trigger a small tsunami which affected the island. So far, no damage, injuries or human casualties have been reported.

The waves were measured to be a half-meter (1.5 feet) high near the harbor town of Rababul, which was also close to the epicenter of the earthquake. Previously, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center warned of aftershock waves reaching all over the Pacific, including as far north as Russia. The center lifted the warning three hours later. So far, the only other place that appears to be affected is the Solomon Islands, which reported a 1-inch tsunami wave.

Locals in Rababul reported that parking lots close to the beach were flooded, but there was no damage beyond that. Also, buildings in both Rababul and Kokopo both managed to withstand the tremors of the quake that took place earlier.

Located in the geographic area known as the “Ring of Fire,” earthquakes and tsunamis are a common occurrence in the island nation. Officials in the capital city of Port Moresby remain confident that the country has avoided disaster.

By Philip Cunningham


ABC News

Photo by: Thomas Leth-Olsen – Flickr License