Berkeley Student Goes Missing


On Saturday morning, at a USC frat party, college freshman and soccer player Eloi Vasquez went missing. The Berkeley student told friends he was going for a walk around 1:30 A.M. and failed to return; his friends calling the police for a missing person alert the following morning. He left his wallet at the frat house but took his phone with him, though attempts to reach him have been unsuccessful.

Vasquez is described as a 19-year old Latino boy, with black hair and brown eyes. He stands around 5 foot 10 and weighs 175 lbs., according to his profile for the men’s soccer team at University of California – Berkeley, and was last seen wearing a red and white t-shirt with white tennis shoes and gray pants.

The missing Berkeley student, who was currently on spring break, was attending a party with friends that was being held at the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity house at the University of Southern California, in the 600 block of West 28th Street, before he went missing. A large-scale police investigation for him is already underway, with family members, friends and his school expressing their fears over what could have happened to him.

“Eloi is a wonderful young man who has excelled both academically and athletically here at Cal,” an athletics department representative from UC Berkeley was quoted as saying, noting the increasing concern for the student’s safety. A graduate of the Marin Academy High School in San Rafael, CA, Vasquez is said to be one of the star players on their soccer team this season, in addition to being an economics major at school.

Logan Crespan, a cousin of Vasquez who was also with him at the party, reported that he claimed to be taking a walk to the beach. The nearest beach to the TKE fraternity house is 15 miles away however. This piece of information, coupled with the fact that he was not carrying any money or identification with him, has raised the suspicions of family members, some of them fearing the worst.

“I’m just getting more and more worried,” his mother, Wendy Margolan said, believing that it is not like her son to just disappear and not even contact anyone. In spite of her concern, she remains hopeful, adding she is certain that he will be found soon. Friends and family both constantly called him on Saturday, only to be sent straight to his voicemail message, indicating that his phone is either dead or turned off.

As police continue to search, they currently do not suspect any foul play. West 28th Street, a street in the vicinity of the USC campus widely known as the fraternity hub, or “Greek Row,” is the primary focus area of the investigation.

The mysterious disappearance of the Berkeley student having gone missing has raised concern among a lot of those close to him, but most remain hopeful of the best. The Los Angeles Police Department have recently issued a call for help. Anyone with information or tips as to Vasquez’s whereabouts is urged to call the LAPD watch commander at (213) 486-8582 or the LAPD Tip Line at (877) 527-3247.

By Philip Cunningham


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Photo by: Keegan Houser – Flickr License

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