Tunisian Museum Hostage Situation, Eight Killed


Eight people have been killed at a museum in Tunis as a result of an attack from two gunmen, according to the Tunisian Interior Ministry. Two militants were said to have entered the building dressed as soldiers, opening fire on the museum-goers. Officials stated there are still hostages in the building. They have also attacked the Tunisian Assembly while parliament was in session. The parliament building is located next to the museum.

According to an official from the Tunisian Interior Ministry, there is a confirmed hostage situation inside the Bardo Museum. The ministry stated seven foreign tourists were killed, along with one Tunisian citizen. Local reporters stated the foreign tourists were from Spain, France, and Italy. Though, these unofficial reports cannot be confirmed yet.

Although the attack was focused on the Bardo Museum, the parliamentary building has been evacuated as a precaution. Members of parliament told local reporters that gunfire was heard in the building. However, it was unclear whether the shots were fired with the halls of parliament or if they were solely isolated in the museum.

Information regarding the nationality of the attackers and the status of the hostage situation is currently unavailable. Tunisian forces are surrounding the building in the attempt to get the hostages out of harms way.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Jessica Mulley – Flickr License


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