UFO Raw Footage Documented by Scientists [Video]

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In 1900 Lord Kelvin stated that, in physics, there is nothing new to discover, boy was he wrong, as students and scientists of the University of Ostfold, Hessdalen, Norway have documented what is said to be a UFO. So it seems that not only did Einstein shatter the prolific statement just years after it was spoken, but many others also have proven this incorrect throughout the years.

Throughout history scientists have shown that all is not known by man, the world is not flat, and heavy machinery can fly, and now it seems that we are not the center of the universe. UFOs have been a historically challenged concept, and politicians all the way through to Hollywood films have debated the existence of “others” out their somewhere in space. ┬áThe Hessdalen Observatory has been the center of many strange things that have been documented, and it is the only UFO interactive observatory anywhere in the world. The cameras and radar at this observatory have documented many a strange phenomenon, throughout the years.

So why is this video of this UFO just now picking up speed and gathering views on social media? It could be that recent events surrounding NASA having gathered some of the worlds most prestigious scientists, to determine how to tell the world, “we are not alone.” Maybe the number of hearings in congress, and the multitude of people involved in this research, are now becoming more excited and voicing that excitement to others. Most Americans believe we are not alone in the universe, and that there is indeed life of some sort out there. For centuries many people, not scientists, have made claims of encounters with UFOs and other worldly creatures. Even the military and others in positions of power are voicing their beliefs that UFOs are real. Documentation ranges from amateur photos and videos to films such as the one here, that is done with scientific intent.

Although the video below of the Hessdalen UFO is from 2007, it is just now making its rounds on social media, which leads many to believe that it has taken this long to research and authenticate this film. In Norway it is being called the “Hessdalen phenomenon” and was captured by the Universities students and scientists and it only took four nights before this extraordinary footage was taken. Do not rush through this video, as the first UFO is not the one everyone is talking about, it is the second one that gives the world a close up look at it.

The observatory in Norway is set up to take photos in the area every one minute, and going to their website provides a plethora of amazing images. They even state that they have un-disputed proof of UFOs and some of that is explained in the video below. The photos of this particular UFO on that particular night are also something of a conversation piece, as at ground level there are also interesting colors and shapes that the scientists are trying to explain.

By Kristi Cereska

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