ISIS Hit by U.S. Air Strikes


The United States its coalition of Western partners have staged 14 air strikes against ISIS insurgents in Syria and Iraq since early yesterday, according to the group leading the air strikes – the Combined Joint Task Force.

The attacks included six air strikes around the border town of Kobani, Syria. During the air strike, three militant units were hit, as reported the the Combined Joint Task Force. Casualties have not yet been reported. Moreover, another strike was carried out near the town of al Hasaka, another ISIS stronghold.

The air strikes in Iraq included seven separate attacks in Mosul, Bayji, Sinjar, al Asad, and Ramadi. The attacks struck three ISIS units. Furthermore, ISIS checkpoints and other vital caches and buildings were destroyed, according to the report. Though, casualties have yet to been noted.

Syria has been overcome with much turmoil in the past few months caused ISIS militants as they have seized the capital and overrun many border towns. The United States, as well as other nations, have been carrying out strikes in hope that the ISIS militants will retreat.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by US Air Force – Flickr License



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