University of Mississippi Sells Pot

University of Mississippi

U.S government is awarding the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) to grow and analyze marijuana, to continue the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) research which proves the testing for using pot for medical purposes. The National Institutes on Drug Abuse (NIDA) placed a bid for a researcher to be the legal source to provide the federal government with tested weed. The winning of University of Mississippi allows them to  continue to sell pot to the government.

The University’s current contract is said to expire sometime this year and was last rewarded in 2009 when Mississippi was the only bidder. Now that 23 states have legalized Mary-jane the process of becoming a marijuana researcher consists of a lot of revisions by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), to process the protocols of applicant requests. However, NIDA has the final say on who receives funding and a contract to receive marijuana from the University.

Since the University of Mississippi won the bid it continues to be the main source for the government to receive their pot. According to Federal Business Opportunities the funds are for the Ole Miss. lab to produce more cannabis to over 30,000 plants for the research.

The University of Mississippi selling to the government is legally allowed to continue if NIDA’s mandating rules are followed. The  contract is ordering a tight security system with video monitored outdoor equipment that  secures up to 12 acres. The system should secure the harvest, analyzing, pot, and storing of research. While an indoor security system should be about 1000 square feet, with controlled lightening intensities, temperature, humidity, photo cycles, and carbon dioxide concentration.

Los Angeles Times took a look at the set up of the pot researching lab in May 2014, and stated it looked like a garbage yard a crafty pothead created to get a cheap high. With the new award the government plans to look into modern inventions that could help the growing process of the cannabis.

The U.S government wants the new pot to provide multiple levels of tetrahydrocannabinal (THC), the chemical that gives the high effect, and cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive ingredient, to treat disorders such as epilepsy effectively. Studies of how much marijuana can provide for the cure of diseases in the human body are still not resolved, despite how many researchers are approved and state pot legalization’s are passed.

To keep marijuana banned many flawed studies have been documented and published by the NIDA to stop the influence of drug use. As researchers have begun to test the previous studies it has allowed the legalization of pot to occur.

As mentioned before, 23 states have legalized marijuana including the four that allows recreational usage,  while 18 have decriminalized it. Although the government is purchasing tested pot from the University of Mississippi, and federal agencies NIDA, DEA, FDA and National Institute of Health  approve its usage and research, the federal government continues to classify marijuana as a drug with the same degree as LSD, ecstasy, and heroin.

Studies of pot will continue to rise now the production process at the university has been prolonged. The University of Mississippi selling cannabis to the U.S is able to continue its  entitlement, being the one and only legal marijuana producer to the U.S government since 1968.

By Krystle Mitchell



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  1. CajunAggie   March 29, 2015 at 7:18 am

    Read up on this and you will see that they grind up leaves, stems and seeds in with the flower to ‘get a consistent medical grade’ product. This is garbage. They don’t want it legal and will gladly require that all research be performed with their product so that studies will fail. The surprising thing is that even with this crappy weed people are getting some relief, although not near as much as with concentrates or pure flower. It’s and amazing plant. Go Cannabis!!!!

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