Administrative Law Defined

Administrative Law

The administrative law is defined as a variety of practices that covers many legal governmental procedures and regulations created by agencies on many different levels. The levels are broken down as federal, state, city, and county and they each have their own rules and regulations.

The law is mandated by strict procedures that one must follow to receive assistance from one of the agencies. The agencies provide assistance of filing claims, appeals, and grievances, by administrative law judges (ADJ). An ADJ has the same authority as precedent law, but using an administrative attorney their assistance can make any of the procedures less complicated.

The administrative law is beginning to surface a lot in media due to many of its negative effects. The system is originally set up to provide legal services to the public but it is beginning to harm the public instead, due to stricter laws.

There is an Administrative Procedure Act that governs the law of administrative agencies, that allows agencies to create rules, regulations, and procedures when one is unhappy with the one presented. The act is to control the administrative law, but the agencies have gained power over them. This has occurred because the judicial system became lazy and just went with the flow of the agencies regulations.

Federal agencies are now in control of citizen. The administrative law was a branch for public law, but with constant abuse and lack of education the public has lost its voice, to stand and forfeit laws being made against them and allowing the government to cease control.

When the citizens aren’t doing anything to protect themselves from government control it allows rules and regulations to fly over their head. Once it is too late one has to go under many procedures in order to be free again due to a lack of knowledge and not caring about self rights.

Administrative law defines the ability for a citizen to have control over themselves and help others as well. Many people tend to get upset because the federal agencies now have control over the citizens rather than the administrative agencies, but if no one is around to stop from making the laws meticulous to bypass the agencies will continue to have control, and determine what citizens can and cannot do without any ones consent.

Some might argue it is not fair for the agencies under the law to have this right, but the definition of the law has been set since history can remember. The same thing has been happening for many of years where people would not pay close attention to what is going on around them and allow the procedures of the agencies to structure society.

The only way to stop the jurisdiction is to start paying attention to what is being pass, vote against what is good for the nation, and fight for personal rights. The change can happen immediately if people stop going with the flow because it is easy. As stated in the administrative law definition further defined in the Administrative Procedure Act: the agencies are allowed to change any of the laws if it makes them or anybody else unhappy.

By Krystle Mitchell


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