Republican Party Sign Nuclear Letter

Republican Party

With the 2016 election around the corner, Republicans are trying to do what they can to prove to the citizens they can run the nation in the right direction. However the Republican Party signed a nuclear letter.

Since no plan is in effect due to any defense they had against Obama’s previous policies, they have decided to change their game plan. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas was able to convince the GOP to sign a letter warning a nuclear deal with Iran leaders against Obama’s administration.

The Republican Party likes Cotton’s eagerness, and believes he is disciplined. Senator John McCain supports the determination of any newcomers wishing to lead military and foreign affair issues. “I was a bit of an upstart myself,” he told The New York Times. Cotton has a lot of support having the republican party sign a nuclear letter and it is helping him to build his reputation in order to run in the upcoming election.

While the young senator, Cotton, has a lot more reputation-building to do to run in the 2016 election, other Republican senators have already begun giving interviews to reporters to explain why they signed the letter. The Republican party really wants to get back into the Oval Office, and are walking through as many doors as possible to gain the support of enough voters to elect them into the Presidency. The Republican Party is thinking on many levels on to get a Republican vote to run the office.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is one of the Republican nominees who signed the nuclear letter, along with 47 other senators. Rubio argues the reason he signed is to not break with international coalitions which are strong partners with the U.S. on global issues. ” Senator Rubio told The Huffington Post if European allies defied the deal he will veto it out if he became President.

The argument contradicts his plea to defy European allies because not supporting the nuclear deal will cause the same problem later down the road. Most of the Republican Party has signed the letter and does not share the view as Rubio because they understand the problem they will have brought upon themselves if the plan backfires.

Although in disbelief, Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledges the fact that the letter is not “legally binding” and can it has been revoked. If Iranian leaders keep their part of the bargain, there is nothing to worry about, but if the letter wasn’t revoked and the agreement took shape, Iran’s nuclear activities would be limited for decades and those restrictions would lift slowly during the following years. Long-term thinking is not what the Republican party is doing because the party is too focused on trying to get back into the White House.

There is a lot of competition within the Republican Party because many of the GOP are running for office. Since they do not have veto rights, a lot of compromises are taking place. It all comes back to the Republican Part signing a nuclear letter.

By Krystle Mitchell


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