Whitehouse.gov Interferes With Vaccine Petition Numbers (Update)

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Questionable, and one might even say fraudulant action is being taken by whitehouse.gov who is currently freezing the numbers of signatures on the petition against mandatory vaccinations, therefore interfering with the possibility of having a reliable count. According to the last view of petition numbers on whitehouse.gov, and even after adding a vote to this petition, the numbers continue to remain frozen and have been so for over 42 hours. So, unless there are reports of “technical” problems, suspicions may confirm that the website meant to count signatures is somehow preventing an accurate tally.

A petition that would tell the WhiteHouse they do not have the right to mandate people to receive unwanted vaccinations only needs to reach 100,000 to gain attention by the WhiteHouse, but seems to be halted from potentially making it that far despite the fact the numbers were pouring into the site initially. Visitors and signers of this petition online in this very moment can go there, sign and receive an email “confirming” the following:

You’ve successfully signed the petition “PROHIBIT ANY LAWS MANDATING THE FORCE AND REQUIREMENT OF VACCINATIONS OF ANY KIND.”. Your signature has been verified and counted.

However, the vote that will have been placed will NOT have been counted at all. The signature recently added by the author of this article did not change the count from 56,791 where it remains before and after signing and has remained for at least the past 42 hours. Only 100,000 signatures are needed by March the 6th, however, since whitehouse.gov has interfered with the petition by freezing the numbers, the mandatory vaccine prevention petition will, in all probability, not reach this number unless some serious fessing up and fixing be done.

Here is a screenshot of the website petition page currently:


A recent poll in USA Today asked readers if they felt vaccinations should be mandatory and an overwhelming 92 percent responded with the desire that all be free to choose. Only 2 percent thought people needed to be coerced by the government.

Not only have the numbers on this important petition been frozen – which would safeguard bodily rights of an American citizen to choose what will and what will not go into their body – so as to try to prevent its numbers being reached, it seems that the whitehouse.gov website has also tried to hide said petition from the public by making it nearly impossible to find on their site without the direct URL link.

Readers are encouraged to not only go to the site to watch the numbers themselves, but to write in to whitehouse.gov and let those running the site know that their actions have been seen by many people. A government run organization, supposedly implemented to assist the people in communicating their wishes to the government body in an efficient way should not be interfered with or tampered with in order to satisfy greedy lobbyists or the personal wishes of the house. This is, after all, a free country.

Since other avenues of mainstream media have refused to report the true actions of whitehouse.gov and have also continued to report false information regarding the safety of vaccinations(see sources below), it is up to this publication and others who would be so brave and bold, as to speak the truth and share the message of what is truly going on with the people. Today, the message is clear, whitehouse.gov is interfering with the petition regarding mandatory vaccinations, freezing numbers and disallowing the voice of the people to be heard.

UPDATE: This petition was frozen for DAYS and is now mysteriously back up after receiving a TON of online media crying FOUL. It would be over the 100,000 limit if it had not frozen. Now there are only three days to get it up there. The numbers are at 73K now. Please sign this petition if interested in protecting the right to choose: Whitehouse.gov.

By Stasia Bliss



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