Abortion Should Not Be About Morality or Family Values

Conservatives today condemn abortion for various reasons. Some of those reasons include that it is the taking of an unborn child’s life, and they consider it a form of murder. Another is that it is a religious sin and against God’s wishes. Perhaps one of the most perplexing and contradictory arguments is that it is morally wrong and it goes against family values.

If a pro-life conservative was to define family values, or even define what that family consists of, it would be a safe bet that the response would include a marriage between a man and woman. The married couple would conceive, give birth, and raise their children. That, in general, would be the blueprint for the typical modern-day family as seen through the eyes of a conservative. The truth of the matter is, without having abortion available to women, statistically, this blueprint would be in constant threat.

In most cases, it is single mothers who seek out an abortion. If a single mother was not able to get an abortion, and was forced into having an unwanted child, the child would be the product of a single parent home. Thus, putting the traditional family blueprint at great risk. Real world statistics show that most young women who carry their pregnancy to full term and give birth, do not give up their babies for adoption, even if that was their original intention. These women are left with the option of either raising the child as a single parent or a shotgun wedding. Neither of these scenarios would be favorable from a conservative perspective, if traditional family values are being considered.

Statistics also show that women under 18 who are forced into marriage because of a pregnancy get divorced within the first 10 years. That statistic goes up to double that rate if they wait until they are 25. The debate on the morality of divorce can be saved for another time, but typically, it is something frowned upon by conservatives.

Planned Parenthood locations across the country have become the battlegrounds, at which pro-life supporters have decided to wage their war against the women who go there to get abortions. They protest, throw objects, and sometimes try to assault, as well as physically derail women off of their paths from the parking lot, to inside the facility. Protesters will talk about the lack of morality one has to reach the decision to abort an unwanted baby. However, it is the moral compass of these protesters that should also come into question. Aggressive and sometimes deadly tactics are used to prevent these abortions from happening. There have been at least eight murders and 17 attempted murders in the United States alone as a result of these violent tactics. These numbers do not include the assaults, kidnappings, bomb threats, arson, and vandalism that have also occurred.

Trying to place morals or values on society as a whole is a fruitless venture. If taken into account the broad spectrum of beliefs in this country, trying to determine what would be good for everyone, is an impossible task. When a woman has to come to terms with what would be in her best interest, the least that should be afforded her is the dignity to make such decisions. When it comes to a woman’s choice to have an abortion, her morals and family values should never come to question.

Opinion By Alec Rosenberg

Town Hall
Photo by Steve Rhodes – Flickr License

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