Adam Lambert’s ‘Ghost Town’ Does Not Disappoint [Review] [Video]

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Former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert’s new single Ghost Town is, according to the singer himself, all about life’s disappointments. However, fans will be delighted upon listening to the song that the music itself is in no way a disappointed, and was incredibly worth waiting for the past few years.

The official lyric video for the track was released a week ago, and quickly garnered several hundred thousands views at a time, and now is sitting comfortably at over 1.3 million views. The official video for the song came out yesterday, accompanied by a message from Lambert himself detailing how thankful he was for the patience and dedication showed to him by Glamberts (the fandom name created for Lambert). The media clip has already reached almost half a million viewers, and has received an inordinate amount of praise from those patient fans of whom Lambert was referring to.

The capture that Ghost Town ensues relates to the fact that this tune is not much like anything else that the singer has produced in the past few years, since coming in second to Kris Allen in the eighth season of American Idol. The song itself provides a mix of slow and meaningful without turning into the typical ballad, and new-age beat without distracting some of his loyal listeners that know him to keep it fresh but not overdo it. This is the main reason why the singer’s new song does not, in any way, disappoint.

The song seems to blend the best of the entertainer’s first two albums, For Your Entertainment and Trespassing. The initial album is full of glam-rock dance anthems, a big change from the 33-year-old’s typical classic rock sound during his six month stint on the show. The secondary album proved to be a more serious, issue addressing album concerning the kind of artist and person Lambert wanted to be overall, with heart-wrenching ballads such as Underneath and more upbeat but still hard-hitting tracks as Better Than I Know Myself.

Ghost Town is emotional and moving, but not boring. It addresses Lambert’s aforementioned concerns regarding life and the disappointments it brings, but does not divulge too much into the depressive state that music can often bring one into; instead, it captures listeners into a realm of really addressing their lives and the situations they are currently in, and whether or not this is a life they truly want to live in. It brings up the legitimacy of those people call “close” around them, and forces those who are unsure of their own lives and personal relationships to address the reality that maybe their social circles are not actually doing that much for them but actually making them more depressed and alone than they would be if they accepted things the way they truly were.

Undoubtedly, Adam Lambert’s new song Ghost Town will continue to not disappoint and keep gaining views by the thousands each day. His new album, The Original High, will be released on June 12, 2015.

Review by Rebecca Grace





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