Arrest Warrant Issued on Justin Bieber by Argentine Judge


Justin Bieber has been issued an arrest warrant by an Argentine judge on Friday, stating the pop singer failed to respond to a legal summons in relation to alleged charges regarding Bieber ordering his bodyguards to attack a street photographer in 2013. Judge Alberto Julio Banos determined an “immediate detention” against Bieber and his two bodyguards, Terrence Reche Smalls and Hugo Alcides Hesny.

Bieber has been accused of telling the two bodyguards to attack Diego Pesoa, the photographer, outside of a nightclub in Buenos Aires. According to Argentine law, Bieber could face between one month to six years in jailed if convicted on the charge causing the injuries to Pesoa. The singer has yet to return to Argentina to respond to the charges.

It is currently unknown if the arrest warrant extends beyond Argentina to the United States. Though, Pesoa’s attorney stated the warrant would require Bieber to return to the country to face the judge. The singer’s spokespeople have yet to respond to the information regarding the warrant.

By Alex Lemieux


Yahoo News

Photo by El Hormiguero – Flickr License

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