Assad’s Government in Contact With French Intelligence


Syrian President Bashar Assad has announced to a French television outlet the military intelligence groups of his nation are currently in contact with intelligence services in France. France cut off diplomatic ties with Assad’s Syria due to them believing the president should leave his seat of power.

The public TV channel, France 2, will broadcast an interview on Monday with Assad. He stated although there has been contact between the two countries, there has been no co-operation. When the Syrian president was asked if there was an exchange of intelligence information between the countries, he simply stated, “no.” In addition, he added that contacts were made with French intelligence officials who visited Syria.

At least 220,000 people have lost their lives to Syria’s violent and brutal civil war. The unrest began when demonstrations inspired by the Arab Spring went nationwide in March of 2011. As well, ISIS militants, with their stark opposition against a free nation, have seized towns in Syria on the borders of Iraq.

French Foreign Minister Laurnet Fabius stated back in March that a non-violent political solution is needed in Syria. Though, Assad should not be a part of such solution. European Union foreign officials, who are back by the United States, said the current government in Syria should not sympathize with ISIS militants. Moreover, Russia stated they hope a united front will be created to battle against the Assad-backed militants.

By Alex Lemieux


The Daily Star Lebanon

Photo by Wojtek Ogrodowczyk – Flickr License 


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