Bazooka Joe Is Having a Comeback

Bazooka Joe

The Bazooka Candy Brand now believes it is time to bring back Bazooka Joe to revive the brand of chewing gum. Therefore, look for Bazooka Joe to come back in action soon.

A division of Topps has hired four talented artists to develop a modern look for the 62-year-old character, whose comic and witty epithets were on strips inside the packet of the company’s pink bubblegum until just a few years ago. The designers are Robert Lilly, who originally did work for Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Victor Instrasomnbat, from Clockwork Animation, Ben Reynolds, who does the graphics for Ghostbusters and Monster Pet Shop, and Benjamin Balistreri, who did animation for the movie How to Train Your Dragon.

Each of the designs from the team still feature Bazooka Joe donning his signature eye patch. Though, the cap that the character wears seems to be a option for now. According to the website, the skateboarding Bazooka Joe is winning the contest.

The promotion goes through May 31. The winning character design will be selected in June, with new drawings and jokes.

By Alex Lemieux


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Photo by Warren B. – Flickr License


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