Chris Christie Searching for Votes Wherever He Can Get Them


Although New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, seems to have his heart set on running in the 2016 presidential election, the voters seem to believe he is not the right person cut out for the job. It must be said that the governor has not yet formally declared his decision to run for presidency in the upcoming election, but his efforts to try to play it cool have failed miserably, considering there is not a single political expert that would argue otherwise. As 2016 approaches, Christie seems to be searching for votes wherever he can get them, but his responses to certain past political issues as well as current matters have resulted in many people wondering why he believes presidency is a job he could successfully take on. Also, some of the character traits that he has unintentionally revealed to the public have made him quite an unfavorable presidential candidate let alone future political leader.

Back in 2013, when Christie’s victory reelection against his Democratic competitor Barbara Buono was on the horizon, Port Authority officials blocked off two out of the three access lanes that connected commuters from Fort Lee, NJ to the George Washington bridge. Officials claimed the reason behind the closed lanes was due to a simple traffic study that was being conducted. Unfortunately, this alleged traffic study occurred on September 9, the same day New Jersey children prepared themselves for their first day back to school. The traffic jam cost commuters an additional number of hours behind the wheel that morning.

In a shocking discovery made about four months later, the traffic study that Port Authority officials claimed to have been the cause of the traffic was a complete fabrication. The real reason behind the chaos was strictly for political retribution against Democrat Mark Sokolich, Fort Lee Mayor, whom apparently declined to endorse Christie’s bid for reelection. This was all uncovered when subpoenaed emails between David Wildstein, a Port Authority executive appointed by Christie, and Christie’s deputy Bridget Ann Kelly were revealed divulging the plan to perform the traffic study stunt.

Christie insisted he had absolutely no idea about the incident and repeatedly mentioned that he took no part in its execution. Christie, claiming to have been extremely saddened and disappointed by the intolerable actions of his political aid, immediately fired Bridget Ann Kelly for her dishonesty to him and her disloyalty to a person who possesses authority within the government.

This occurrence alone was enough to taint any positive image that the Governor has been trying to portray to voters now. His trustworthiness is called into question because with or without evidence being found proving he actually was aware of the traffic study stunt, which could still very well surface before the 2016 election, there is no telling whether or not he is truly an honest person or just pretending to be one to save face. His level of egotism was exposed when he casually and not so subtly insinuated he was better than his aid due to his job title. Voters do not want a leader like Christie who makes them have to search for the good qualities, but rather a leader who can view people as their equal wherever he may be and respect them as such.

The latest New Jersey issue that Christie must address is the gun rights case involving Steffon Josey-Davis, a 24-year-old man who is pleading with the governor to pardon what he claims to be an honest mistake that has completely destroyed the rest of his life. Josey-Davis, an aspiring police officer, was pulled over while driving due to having expired tags. When the officers asked for his proof of insurance, this led Josey-Davis to disclose the presence of his registered firearm inside the glove compartment.

When officers asked why he was had a gun, Josey-Davis lied to the officers and then pretended to act as if he had no idea he was breaking the law by having a handgun inside the car. To make matter worse, it turned out he did not even have a permit to that allowed him to have the firearm in the first place. He ended up losing his job and his ability to work in law enforcement after he took a plea for illegally transporting his registered handgun inside the glove compartment of his vehicle.

The young man implored for the governor, who not too long ago voiced his support of New Jersey’s strict gun laws, to pardon his offense. The young man’s lawyer also chose to get the National Rifle Association (NRA) involved to assist in the argument of gun control regulations. Since Christie is not too popular with the NRA at this time, he is showing signs that he is seriously considering giving Josey-Davis that pardon, because in doing so, he will gain favor in the eyes of the NRA, meaning more votes.

Christie is clearly putting aside some of his belief which he claimed to have stood by in the past, just to get people to like him, only further displaying to voters that wherever the search for support ends up taking him, he will seize the opportunity without hesitation.  He has no qualms about catering the wants of the public just to increase his chances in the poll, which is very telling of the type of president he would be if he were elected into office. There are more than enough issues going on around the world to keep people concerned about what their future will hold, but to add on the worries of a president making decisions that do not have the people’s best interests in mind is a situation that should be heavily avoided.

Opinion By Kameron Hadley


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