Cloud’s Many Computing Variations


Many people use the Cloud for its many computing variations. However, four distinctive channels have been identified within the cloud which are, Era of Infrastructure, Era of Hybrid apps, Era of com-posable applications through application programming interfaces (APIs), and Era of hybrid data. Individuals have only begun to figure out a way to maneuver through the second channel, and are finding that traditional business models will soon be forgotten, as well as organizations being able to have decision-making handled by people on the lower level of the job scale.

Now that the computing variations of the cloud have been branched off into four different channels, it is easier for IT’s to understand each of their functions thoroughly. Once each channel is functional it will change the way businesses and organizations operate today, and in the future.

Having four channels of computing variations of the cloud’s evolution, allows organizations and people to move their businesses to a higher purpose. The intended purpose of the evolution is to move businesses and organizations to a digital realm, and breakdown the traditional hierarchy of who makes the decisions.

By Krystle Mitchell



Photo By Pam Broviak – Creativecommons Flickr License 

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