Loretta Lynch Named Attorney General

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Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch has just become the first, African-American woman to be named Attorney General. It was not a decision that was made quickly, even with everyone wanting to replace Eric H. Holder Jr., they were hesitant because of Lynch defending President Obama in his executive actions on immigration.

Republicans had been going over this decision for months, and during those months, Republicans strongly opposed Lynch, because of her telling untruths about congress. The other situation that made the voting drag on, was a human trafficking bill that the Senate was voting on.

In the end though, there were quite a few Republicans that voted for Lynch, even to the reprieve of some of their own colleagues. There were many Republican’s that wanted to put a block on voting for Lynch, because of her stance for Obama’s immigration policies, but feared they would receive backlash for doing so.

With everything that happened during the voting process for Attorney General, Lynch came out on top, with the votes coming in at 66 to 34. Senator Patrick J. Leahy said that she deserves more respect from everyone now with this title, much more than she received during the voting process. He went on to talk about her perseverance in getting this title, and her grit. Other’s stood and spoke of her accomplishments and the records being made by the Democratic party. For Loretta Lynch, and Democrats, today was a day for the history books.

By Brooke Latu


New York Times

Photo by U.S. Mission Geneva’s Photo Stream-Creativecommons Creative Commons License