European Union and Australia Come Together

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European Union
European Union and Australia are strengthening their bond as like-minded countries. They are both committed to prosperity and security for their countries. It seems that European Union and Australia are truly making an effort to come together. Their values in rulesbased international system, human rights, and respect for democracy coincide with one another. Both EU and Autstralia brought their relationship to a new level and will officially be concluding negotiations for the EU Australia Framework Agreement.

The treaty will provide a strong basis to further develop their cooperation on security and foreign policy. Both signed an agreement on crisis management cooperation, a solid agreement for them to respond jointly to resolutions of International crisis. This agreement has created a framework for the participation of Australia in EU crisis management operations. Australia has already begun to help in the EUCAP Nestor mission, which is supposed to help the maritime capacities of other countries.

Australia and EU also consider one another important trade investment partners, and are currently reviewing each other’s policies to help both parties. Their goal is to improve the global trade, and raise prosperity as well as living standards. One of the most important parts of this is to create more jobs and breakdown commerce barriers. They have been discussing key security and global challenges, so that they can better face them together.

As European Union and Australia come together, they both agree that everything going on in Ukraine can only be solved politically. They said that as the situation unfold’s they will change their policies and restrictions as they need to. They spoke particularly about the Minsk agreements regarding Ukraine. They also discussed flight MH17, and that it needs to be with full cooperation from all parties in order to further investigation on a flight where so many innocent people lost their lives.

One of the biggest topics they discussed was the terrorists and how they need to deal with terrorist groups. Mainly the ISIL/Daesh and the threat that these fighting terrorist groups pose, and the relevant implementation of the United Nations Security Council.

European Union and Ausralia also reached an agreement concerning the EU/E3+3 in Iran’s nuclear program, and most are happy to have reached an understanding. They will continue research and will keep communication open concerning these things.

They discussed development’s made in the Asia-Pacific region. For example, security in East Asia. They talked about the upcoming ASEAN Regional Forum and Asia-Europe Meeting Ministerial meetings. Lastly, on this subject, they spoke about their role in the Pacific and their critical role they will need to play in humanitarian efforts.

European Union has continued to reaffirm their efforts in coming together as one with Australia, in a legally binding contract between all parties, for development in climate change. This was done at the United Nations Framework Convention, in Paris of 2015.

Lastly, they welcomed a bringing together of European External Action Service and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs. This will make things between the two very different and has much more of a commitment to one another. It will help make big steps in a stronger economy for both parties. In closing, they stated that they will continue to communicate and meet on a ministerial level, to deepen their relationship.

As for what is going on with the gas company, that is something that will continue to be investigated on by everyone. Gazprom could likely face a fine something close to 10.7 billion dollars, and political leaders are saying that European Union has the ability to handle the situation. It seems that if they can come together with Australia the way they have, they can take on a problem like Gazprom.

By Brooke Latu

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European Union (EEAS)
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