Fantasia Headed For Divorce?

FantasiaIs Fantasia Barrino and Kendall Taylor headed to divorce court already? It was only about six months ago that Fantasia announced her new nuptials to the world and expressed how she had finally found the man of dreams. The former American Idol winner who seemed to be losing when it came to love took to social media to introduce the world to her new victory.

The singer’s fans were thrilled to see the love Fantasia and Kendall displayed.   They had witnessed the Side Effects of You singer’s tumultuous relationship with Antwaun Cook on her reality show titled, Fantasia For Real which aired on VH1. The relationship culminated with Cook’s wife, Paula, filing a lawsuit against Fantasia which accused her of coming in between their marriage. The heartbreak, embarrassment, and bad press sent the Free Yourself singer on a downward spiral to a deep depression with a failed suicide attempt.

The Lose to Win singer arose from the lawsuit victorious and empowered with new music to share. The former couple gave birth to a handsome son before Cook returned to his wife. Since that time, Fantasia, Cook and his wife have put the past behind them and now have a healthy relationship with each other and the child they share.

It seemed both Cook and Fantasia were both in love again. In October 2014 messages of love flooded social media as the singer expressed the daily joys with her husband, Kendall Taylor. The world did not know much about this mystery man, but Fantasia had fallen deeply for him.

Despite a troubled past, Kendall has reportedly matured into a savvy business man. In 2014, he was honored at the Lowe’s Pride Awards as the MBE of Distinction Winner to confirm his success as a businessman. Kendall is also a member of community outreach organizations such as Men Who Care Global and Charlotte’s Urban League.Fantasia

Fantasia said Kendall’s past was not a concern of hers, instead she believed him to be a better man because of it. His legal issues, which occurred between 1996 and 2007, included several arrests and time spent in prison. Kendall did not let his past hinder his future. He turned things around and has since became a mentor to offenders working with a program called Mentors of Valor Empowered.

Although assault on a female was one of the legal charges from his past, Fantasia said she loved him and he was crazy about her. She posted regularly about the bond they shared until recently when she posted a message which clearly stated the relationship had hit a rough patch. The Bittersweet singer posted a picture of her wedding ring with a caption that read:

It is Done. The Kids and I Will Always Love You ❤. He was the best man I knew Kendall you are loved.”

Fantasia quickly removed the post, but not before it went viral. She has not clarified publicly whether they are separated with intentions to reconcile or headed for divorce. Perhaps, the singer posted to soon while in an emotional state but the message left room for great speculation surrounding the future of their union.

It has long been said, “When it rains it pours” and it seems as if Fantasia is in serious need of a therapeutic umbrella during this season. In addition to her marital issues, she recently buried her grandmother and possibly been dropped from her record label. She posted:

I have lost two Loves…Grandma, come to me in a dream PLEASE. I got to go back home and do not want to leave…I am alone now Granny. The label, my album, my love…GONE!

It has not been clarified whether the I’m Doin’ Me singer has separated from her husband permanently or just temporarily, but her fans can be sure they will get the full story on her next album. Music is a powerful force that has been used for generations to soothe the soul and heal what ails. Fantasia has long used music to express her pain and to coax her into a better tomorrow. The question remains, “Is Fantasia headed for divorce?” Possibly, but whatever the future holds for her and Kendall the fans have not wavered in support for the 2003 American Idol winner.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. crystal a   April 15, 2015 at 8:20 pm

    Fanny stay off of tweeter, facebook telling all of your bizzness

  2. Ida   April 13, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    Maybe God is trying to tell her it is time to come sing for him. She has put it off long enough! When she starts to use the voice that He gave her to spread His word all will be fine in her word! God is trying to reel her in-so much happening in her life.

  3. Beverly Osborne   April 11, 2015 at 5:04 am

    She has lived a rough life. Needs to learn public from private postings. TMA ..but I love your music. Nice article

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