Coast Guard Assisting Haiti in the Recovery of Missing Migrants

coast guardThe U.S. Coast Guard is currently engaging in a joint search and rescue operation with the Haitian Coast Guard for potential Haitian migrants in the ocean after it is believed that their sailboat ran aground in Haitian territorial waters late Wednesday. On Thursday evening, the U.S. Coast Guard received intelligence that 17 dead bodies were found on the shore in Haiti. Although the Haitian Coast Guard recovered 12 people, 19 are currently missing. Haitian officials contacted the U.S. Coast Guard to assist in finding the remaining individuals.

A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter set off from Great Ingagua, Bahamas, to conduct an early morning search on Friday. The were searching in the waters between the islands of Port de Paix and Cap Haitien. However, they did not recover anyone. The search is still continuing.

Captain Mark Fedor, the chief of response for the 7th District, stated they are doing everything it can to find the missing migrants. He stated that over the past few years, many have died trying to make the illegal and very dangerous voyage at sea. “Our condolences go out to all affected by this tragedy,” he said.

By Alex Lemieux


U.S. Coast Guard Newsroom

Photo by Andrew W. Sieber – Flickr License

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