Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to Post Suge Knight’s Bail, Pending Win


As the great fight between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao is set to take place on Saturday, Mayweather has stated that he will post friend Suge Knight’s bail, pending his win. Currently the boxer is set to win at least $180 million in pay for his match, though if he wins he may make more. As Suge Knight’s bail is set for $10 million, Mayweather’s winnings will be more than enough to get the rap mogul out, as he currently sits in jail on suspicion of murder. Knight’s attorney is the person who released the information to news sources, confirming that the boxer plans to set bail for Knight, but only on the condition that he wins. This prompted a statement from Suge that he was previously hoping that Floyd wins, but now he is praying for such.

In the weeks leading up to now, the boxer has been making many comments on himself and his boxing ability. As he approaches what is being called the greatest fight in boxing history, Mayweather is confident in his ability to bring down his opponent Pacquiao. Calling himself greater than Muhammad Ali, he has been getting many negative remarks on his confidence. However, if his confidence helps him to win the fight on Saturday, Suge Knight is all for it.

Suge and Floyd are supposedly really good friends, and according to Knight’s lawyer, Matthew Fletcher, there is no reason why they should not believe Floyd’s comment that he will bail Knight out. Knight has been in jail awaiting his trial, which is currently not set until July 7, 2015. He is being accused of murder, for supposedly hitting two men with his car. One of the men died and the Mayweatherother one was critically injured, though Knight states that he was being attacked by the two men and accidentally ran over them trying to get away. Prosecution, however, claims that Knight was targeting at least one of the two men.

Regardless of the charges, Mayweather is looking forward to his possible win and apparently plans to celebrate by going to Los Angeles and helping his friend out. Being able to post Suge Knight’s bail, pending a win, would make Floyd look even better after the big win, if he can pull it off. However, Pacquiao’s coach is also confident in the fact that the competition will lose. His recent comments even reflected his belief that Mayweather may not even show up to the fight, stating that he would not be surprised if he did not. Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, has been saying a lot of “competitive” things regarding Saturday’s match, and the fact that he is sure that Pacquiao will win.

Roach stated that Mayweather “did not want this fight.” He said that every fight the boxer has done has been his choice but this one he was forced into. As Mayweather seems somewhat revved up over his upcoming fight, it is unlikely that he will do anything but put up a great fight. While losing could be a hit to his ego with his 47-0 current standing record, he still stands to make at least $150 million, if not more.

Win or lose, the condition for which Mayweather set to post Suge Knight’s bail, is pending a win, meaning that for the next two days Suge Knight is sure to have some anxiety. Many others eagerly anticipate the premiere of the match which is set to take place on Saturday, but sources state that no one is more eager than Knight.

By Crystal Boulware

Update: This article was written based on statements that Suge Knight’s lawyer made. Knight’s lawyer stated that he and Suge Knight discussed that Mayweather would possibly be posting his bail, if he wins. Many thought this was strange, as Mayweather is already worth millions and will win millions anyway, even if he loses. SB Nation has just released a report that Mayweather’s supporters have stated that he and Knight have not spoken in years and that Mayweather has no plans to bail Knight out. Apparently Knight and Mayweather have a difference of opinion.


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