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First their was PlayStation 1, then PlayStation 2, and even PlayStation 3, but now Sony Corporation’s PlayStation 4 is selling bigger than ever before. With a historical recorded sales of 22.3 million, the fourth version of the console has surpassed the lifetime record, giving Sony a new surge in profits. Their financial figures continue to show, even passed the previous quarter reports, that the PlayStation 4 is continuing to make big bucks for the company. Sony Corporation may not be stopping there, however, as rumors┬áhave already speculated what year the company may release┬áthe PlayStation 5. For now, however, it is the PlayStation 4 that is on fire, as fans try out the faster speed and better graphics of the newest console.

PlayStation fans everywhere rejoiced when Sony Corporation released their newest console, version four. Launched in North America on November 15, 2013, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) it had been seven years since the release of the PlayStation 3. As other makers were putting out new versions of their game (i.e. Microsoft with Xbox) and bringing in the profits, those who prefer to game on the PlayStation systems were stuck with the third version. The announcement made by Sony Corporation on February 20, 2013 brought excitement to many parts of the world and tech companies all began working on new versions of the games that would collaborate with the PS4.

PS4 games all have different release dates, and depending on which ones fans like to play the most will depend on which month they get to enjoy the newest version of their game. Many game dates are yet to be determined but some of the games, ones expecting to bring in big bucks, have already been anticipated by consumers and information was quickly made released to the public. Games like Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and Ultra Street Fighter IV are set to release in May, while Batman: Arkham Knight and Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward are set to release in June. Other favorites like God of War III Remastered which is set for July, Madden NFL 16 which is set for August, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III which is set for November, will be released later on in the year. Well over 100 games are set to come out before the end of 2015.

Hundreds of games have already come out for play on Sony Corporation’s new system, allowing those who have already purchased the system to enjoy hours of gaming. With traditional consoles gamers could simply play some of their PS1 and PS2 games on the newest console. However, fans were disappointed to learn that, as the PS4 uses different technology, they can not just put in a game from the previous models and play them. Sony Corporation has announced, however, that users who purchase games from the PlayStation store, no matter which version they were originally intended for, can play those games which they downloaded, often with an updated version. Sony Corporation’s support for PlayStation also states that users can buy many of the PS4 games with a $9.99 upgrade by going to the PlayStation store and entering the code from the boxed game, then buying the digital version for the discounted price. It is suggested, however, that gamers make their purchases for the PS4 from the online PlayStation store so that the digital copy will always remain in tact, and upgrading is more convenient.

Sony Corporation expects to sell at least 16 million more PlayStation 4 units in the next year, as it continues to bring in big profits. The millions of dollars that the version four is currently bringing in, may be surpassed by the PlayStation five when it releases, if it releases. Most likely Sony Corporation will continue bettering their system, but it will also most likely not release for several years, as that is the trend. Until then the PS4 has the biggest amount of sales in the lifetime of PlayStation.

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