Germanwings Crash: Lufthansa Management Equally Responsible (Part 2)



The Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 was apparently crashed purposely by the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz. The fact is that Lubitz had been to psychiatrists to check his depression, and ophthalmologists to consult about his vision problem multiple times. This further proves that there was no hidden agenda for him to hide his illness and the fact that he wanted to get cured. Whether he purposely shut the door of the cockpit or it got jammed needs to be proven.

Also, after the incident that took place September 11, 2001 in the U.S. all flights have Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMs). Every international flight was also supposed to have an Air Marshal in case of an emergency situation like someone trying to enter the cockpit or trying to take over the controls or create a ruckus inside the plane when it is mid-air. Nothing has been mentioned in the international media about the Marshal. This was an international flight from Spain to Germany.

There are a number of rumors going around about the incident. News came in about a mobile phone video being recovered which was said to be filmed from inside the jet while it descended sharply from its altitude. This was later denied by the French authorities. Another update was shared about a medical leave note being recovered from the co-pilot’s trash. The evidence has not been revealed. The most absurd update was Lufthansa trying to play victim by saying that they did not infringe on the pilot’s personal space by conducting a medical check-up before handing over the controls of an Airbus A320.

What people need to be made aware of is that unless any hard evidence if shared, we need to doubt everything that is being said to the media by Lufthansa’s management, and others hired by them. Statements from the German authorities should also be trusted only if backed by proof because the German government would not want too much bad publicity for Lufthansa as it is an internationally renowned German brand. Moreover, Lufthansa, along with its multiple subsidiaries is Europe’s largest airline in terms of fleet size as well as number of passengers. It must not be forgotten that the history of propaganda in modern world proves that it was globalized by Germans on March 13, 1933.

The Germanwings pilots work according to a contract which is different from the Lufthansa pilots. However, it must be reported that they too staged a two-day walkout just weeks before the crash. This had led to cancellation of over 300 flights and more revenue loss. In the year 2014, it was reported that the strikes by its pilots and other employees cost Lufthansa more than $250 million and its profit dipped by 11 percent.

Instead of finding a resolution for the concerns of its employees, Lufthansa reported a net loss of over $460 million in the final quarter of last year attributing it to pension contributions. Only time will tell how long an organization can continue to not pay heed to its employee’s concerns and tread on the same path of trying to make more money without sharing it with its people who made that money for them. The lawsuits that will be filed against Lufthansa would definitely need to make sure that they mention that the management of the airliner is equally responsible as co-pilot Lubitz for the Germanwings plane crash.

(This is Part 2. Please refer to Part 1 for the entire article)

By Ankur Sinha

Huffington Post

Photo by Liam McManus – Flickr License

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  1. No. Not all flights have a FAM. Not all international flights have a FAM. And this was a German carrier, which would not have US federal agents on it. Because international sovereignty. So FAM would never be applicable, unless it was a German air marshal

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