Hillary Clinton Startling Campaign Secret


Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff has revealed a secret. Clinton’s campaign has continued this week and her staff has said that her everyday American approach, to win voters vote has not been as natural as they have hoped. The staff believes that many of her encounters seem to come off as set-ups. Reporters have been following the aspiring future president around, to document her gatherings with U.S citizens.

After Clinton’s recent visit to a bakery in New Hampshire, her campaigns communication director, Jennifer Palmieri, told sources that she is not sure, but she believes some of the engagements have been planted at the scenes, where she has been designated to visit. This is not the first time the campaign staff has been questioned about setting up the encounters that she is participating in.

One of her staff members have stated in the running presidents defense, many do not have to agree with how she is winning over her votes because of the seat in office she is running for. As Clinton’s campaign staff reveals their startling secret, it is for the best some of the engagements are set-ups because many people do not have a lot of nice things to say about the ambitious president running for office.

By Krystle Mitchell


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