Earthquake With Magnitude of 4.3 Hits Greece


In Crete, Greece, an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.3 hit at exactly 8:15PM Eastern European time.  A local resident reported feeling a good amount of swaying back and forth from the second story floor of their home, which lasted for only about a few moments. Other locals made reports of very strong, vigorous shaking that would be impossible to have mistaken for anything other than an earthquake.  Those people were quite surprised to find that its magnitude was only 4.3, because judging by the intensity of the quake, they would have guessed it was something a bit larger than that. There has been no indication of any persons being injured during this event as well as no sign of property damage to any buildings or homes in the area. Greece happens to be one of the most quake-prone countries in Europe, with a 6.1 magnitude earthquake striking underneath the Mediterranean seabed just less than a week ago.  Fortunately, no serious damage or injuries resulted.

By Kameron Hadley



Photo By Gregor Wolf-Flickr License

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