Justin Bieber Collaborates With Kanye West and Rick Rubin on New Album



Justin Bieber is collaborating with multi-talented rap artist Kanye West and music producer Rick Rubin on his upcoming album, which he believes will prove to fans and haters alike that he is no longer the child he once was. Bieber believes his new sound is much more grown-up and although his audience might be shocked by what they hear, they will not be able to deny the man he has transitioned into. It may be difficult for some to get past the under-aged drinking, various assault charges, reckless driving and of course the lawsuit his neighbor filed against him for the egging of his home; which caused his wife unnecessary amounts of stress.

Having reflected upon all the bad decisions that he made as well as the number of unfortunate events that his name has been attached to over the last year and half, Bieber, now 21-years-old, made the decision to turn his life around and be the person he always knew he was destined to become. The young pop icon, who was recently given a turn in the hot seat for a Comedy Central roast, has been much more focused on the music and developing habits that promote positive personal growth.

He was strong enough to cut loose all of his friends that were bad influences in his life. He recognized that associating with certain people only led him down a path to unhappiness and destruction. He allowed the morals and beliefs of other people to uproot his own morals and beliefs, resulting in loss of faith and sense of self. There was a shortage of happiness in his life and for him to determine exactly what was bringing him down and then follow through by actually eliminating each problem takes a certain level of maturity and a particular state of mind.

Today, the new and improved singer chooses to share his space with people who are genuine, loving, supportive, uplifting and most of all can effortlessly contribute to his growing process and development. Justin Bieber’s album collaboration with Kanye West and Rick Rubin is his chance to tell his story. The experiences that he has gone through have changed him for the better. He has owned up to his bad behavior and wrong doings, which is very admirable and can be respected by any one who has ever needed to put their pride aside and apologize for the poor decisions that can easily be made throughout life.

Growing up in the public eye is not easy, nor is it common for child stars to stay in the spotlight the older they get. He has definitely proven himself to be more thoughtful and considerate in his decision-making skills. He has seen the highs and lows of fame and celebrity. It really is amazing that someone introduced to the celeb lifestyle so early in life was able to grow, stumble and fall, like most teenagers do, but then get up again and blossom and flourish. If Justin Bieber can continue on his positive pathway, maintaining success is inevitable.

By Kameron Hadley


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