Labour Is Raising £7.5bn From Tax Avoiders


Labour is manifesting a general election on Monday, in which policies would be elected to raise £7.5bn from tax avoiders. He is going to carry out the review of the tax collection system to win powers in May, in order to avoid any possible gaps.

Conservatives want to take back £5bn from tax avoiders following Chancellor George Osborne’s plan, but the centre-political party does not believe their plan is obtainable.

The centre-political party’s plan is to strengthen up agency’s powers through the HM Revenue and Customs. Labour plans to disguise self-employment by closing gaps that guard stamp duty.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls agrees with Labour’s plans, but he believes there should be one rule for tax payers instead of separate ones; for those that are working and paying taxes, and those that are not paying their taxes. Balls is pushing a idea to tackle a ten-point plan, which would push a Finance Bill through parliament. This bill would attempt to instill focus on informal economy problems.

While Ed Balls is trying to support Labour’s idea, David Gauke (Financial Secretary to the Treasury for the Conservatives) told BBC that Balls and Ed Miliband turned their backs towards tax avoidance and evasions for 13 years.

Labour raising £7.5bn from tax avoiders will benefit the economy in the long run. While he has support, he still needs more security to pursue his plan.

By Krystle Mitchell



Photo by Dustin Moore – Flickr License

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