Madonna Sings Holiday With Jimmy Fallon [Video]


Madonna’s hit single Holiday has made a comeback 22 years later on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The episode in question aired on Thursday, April 9. As Fallon and Madonna sang the classic hit, it got everyone in the mood for a nice vacation. While the entire gang is wearing sunglasses, the seated performance is sizzling for the 56-year-old globetrotting American superstar.

In the collaboration of bringing back the early memories of the singer, Fallon also had his house band, The Roots, to complete his well-known surprising skits. The performance was a spin-off of his ongoing classroom instrument bit, where the band chooses to play a song by their favorite artist of their choice. They use instruments such as xylophones, banana shaker, kazoo, ukulele, bongos, and tambourine to perform the sing-along.

While Madonna’s skit changed the game when she got hold of her cow bell and rocked out to her classic hit, the group’s performance was a sensation because Fallon and his band The Roots wore Hawaiian attire and held a vacation ambiance that flowed with the song. The ‘Queen of Pop’ wore all black with gold jewelry. She boogied during the seated performance, giving an arm dance after putting her cowbell down.

Not only did the collaboration bring back memories of Madonna’s early career, it helped her album Rebel Heart get a boost up the charts after being dead since its release. The five song EP was released after the Material Girl’s performance. Her single B**ch, I’m Madonna is number 11 on the musical charts. This album will probably be another hit single in a couple of weeks, since it has only been on the charts for three weeks.

Madonna singing Holiday with Jimmy Fallon was just a stepping stone towards her career this year. Since the artist just released her album, by being given the chance to take it back to the beginning she was able to rekindle old memories that made her the star she is today. She was also able to show her fans of all generations that she is still unstoppable.

Madonna’s recent album began to rise up the charts on Amazon after the grand performances of the show. This only suggests that her fans could not wait for the CD to arrive, so they bought it in a digital format as well. The Fallon performance boosted Madonna’s album sales with crafty segments, created by the artist manager and show producer.

Madonna singing her hit song, Holiday, with Jimmy Fallon was a broadcast of how talented the 56-year-old artist still is. While it helped drive sells to her new album, the pop queen enjoyed singing old tunes with a gang while being able to perform her latest hits to continue to expand her audience. The Tonight Show, which airs weeknights on NBC at 11:35p.m, is known for its many surprises; whether it is boosting sales, or having celebrities come out to have a great time.

By Krystle Mitchell


New York Post

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