Lady Antebellum Tour Bus Catches Fire, Hillary Scott and Others Safe

lady antebellum

lady antebellum

Country band Lady Antebellum’s tour bus was set ablaze from one of its tires blowing out on Thursday morning on Interstate 30 near the town of Garland, Texas. The bus was heading to Dallas, Texas for the American Country Music Awards (ACMs), according to local law enforcement officials.

On the tour bus was band member and singer Hillary Scott, her husband, Chris Tyrrell, and their music tour manager, travelling to the ACMs at Arlington’s Cowboys Stadium, where Lady Antebellum is set to play. According to local authorities, the tour bus blew out one of its tires, according to Scott’s post on a social media site. “Our bus tire caught on fire and we had to evacuate very quickly,” she said. She explained that all four people got off the bus and are completely safe.

Scott stated she is, “Thanking God,” for the safety of the driver, her tour manager, her husband, and herself. She also thanked all local authorities that helped put out the fire and aided them during the incident.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Larry Darling – Flickr License