‘Lip Sync Battle’: John Krasinski vs Anna Kendrick [Recap & Video]

Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle, hosted by rapper LL Cool J, tonight saw The Office actor and Lip Sync Battle executive producer John Krasinski wage an all-out Lip Sync War against actress and singer, from Into the Woods and Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick. The half-hour-long new series, in which celebs face off against each other in epic lip sync battles, has quickly become one of Spike TV’s biggest hits ever.

Tonight, Lip Sync Battle began with LL Cool J getting a standing ovation as he walked out onto the stage. He explained the rules of the game, and said that the winner would win a Championship Belt. LL Cool J introduced both Anna and John Krasinski, then John was the first one to enter into battle, by lip syncing to the Justin Timberlake/NSYNC song Bye Bye Bye.

John acted as if he was a marionette, being pulled in several different directions by strings. Then, he did Timberlake’s other dance moves in the video of the song, to spot-on perfection. It was a thing of beauty! He ended the song by resting one of his arms on Anna’s head, as she sat on a stool.

LL Cool J asked him about his dance moves. Krasinski said “It’s a thing I do, acting like a marionette.”

LL Cool J then introduced Anna Kendrick. She lip synced to the One Direction song, Steal My Girl. She, also, had all of the video’s dance moves down, and as she sang, she showed a video in the background of actress Emily Blunt. She revealed that her T-shirt had a heart-shaped photo on it featuring her face and Emily Blunt’s face, side-by-side. Emily is John’s wife, and Anna apparently “stole” her away from John. Then, the show went to a comemrcial break.

When Lip Sync Battle came back, John Krasinski showed the audience what Anna Kendrick’s room looked like, then he showed what his room backstage looked like. He had his own bartender, of course. John lip synced to the song, Proud Mary, by Tina Turner. He had the audience clapping along as he lip synced to this classic hit.

Then, John tore off his suit, and underneath, he had on a shimmering silver-colored dress. He OWNED the dress and the song, as he got down and funky, giving the performance his all. When LL Cool J asked him about his performance, he said “To be honest, I blacked out. How did it go?”

Lip Sync Battle

After yet more commercials, Lip Sync Battle returned and it was Anna Kendrick’s turn to try to do John Krasinski’s performance one better. She said that she thought that “the energy of the crowd will help me get there.” She talked in a video about the importance of “a healthy diet,” as she ate a bowlful of M&Ms. The song that she chose to lip sync to was Booty. She did an AMAZING job with it, and her background female dancers shook their behinds as Anna performed. Then Jennifer Lopez walked out onto the stage as the song ended.

“Oh, my God! My booty is on the same stage as J-Lo’s ‘great big booty!'” Anna exclaimed.

Jennifer Lopez and Anna Kendrick did their best to upstage John Krasinski and win the Lip Sync Battle. But, was her performance good enough to take home the Championship Belt tonight? The show cut to another commercial break before revealing who the winner was of tonight’s Lip Sync Battle episode.

When Lip Sync Battle came back from the break, host LL Cool J asked the audience who they thought had won the Lip Sync Battle. By their applause, LL Cool J determined that Anna Kendrick won. When he asked her what her response was, she said that it was “no surprise,” but she gamely called John “a worthy opponent.”

Tonight was another fun-filled and entertaining episode of Lip Sync Battle, as John Krasinski went head-to-head against actress Anna Kendrick. Though Krasinski went all out to secure a victory, even going to the extremes of pulling out his marionette dance moves and wearing a dress, it was not enough. Anna Kendrick wowed the audience with her performances of Steal My Girl and Booty, and she proved to be the winner tonight.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Lip Sync Battle Teaser of John Krasinski singing Proud Mary/Courtesy Spike TV

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