Harry Reid and the Real Reasons for His Retirement

Harry Reid
Plans to retire have rumors about what is really going on with Senator Harry Reid spreading like wildfire. What is the real reason behind Reid’s decision to retire? As of the beginning of the New Year, Reid appeared to have a very bruised face and an injury to his eye. He said this was caused by an exercise band, but other politicians are saying that his story does not add up, and that they do not believe the story. Most have said it has something to do with him getting beaten by the mob, but there is no proof of that as of yet. The accident, whatever the cause was, has cost him sight to his right eye.

Having been the Democratic leader for Nevada since 2005, he will not be running for his sixth term. However, he still has until 2017 until his term is up, and he plans on continuing exactly like he has been. President Barack Obama has praised him for his good works and also calls him a friend. Reid will be doing other things once he steps down, but one thing he will not be doing is practicing law.

When Reid’s term is up, there will be many ready and eager to take his spot. He has already endorsed New York Senator Charles Schumer, who has the support of other politicians as well. It will not be easy to replace him, as he had a certain determination and has often been underestimated. He usually accomplished what he said he would. He would always put his country and Nevada first, as well as fought for affordable healthcare and safer environments for children. He has backed most of the things President Obama is trying to do for the country and continues to do so.

Although there is much speculation from politicians and radio personality Rush Limbaugh about the real reason Reid is going to retire, the Senator has said he is not ever going to be fully retired, but just stepping down. He feels it his duty to continue to help the state of Nevada and the country in any way he can. He knows that as his health declines, he can not be fully invested in being a senator.

Reid has had a very long and successful career as Senator of Nevada. He played a big role in the nation’s immigration laws and also helped fight against the Republicans ideas to take away programs that would benefit the poor. He also helped bring about some of the state’s solar energy projects. “I am proud of all we have accomplished together, and I know the Senate will not be the same without him,” Obama said. Clearly, he has had much success during his term, and is ready to give the responsibility to someone else.

With his term ending in less than two years, there is still much he can do and wants to do. There are still things he will be working on. As for Reid and his real reason for retiring, there is no certain answer but it does not really matter. He is happy with what he has done, will continue to do, and has done pretty much everything he set out to do. Yet, do not expect him to disappear. He will continue to be as involved as he can be and deservedly so.

By Brooke Latu

USA Today
Washington Examiner
Photo by UNLV Photo Services/ Geri Kodey-Flickr License

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  1. remain anonymous   April 16, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    Harry Reid is the biggest liar in the country. How can you stand behind someone so dishonest?


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