Los Angeles Justice Department Attempts to Settle Discrimination Case

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, California, the sheriff’s department agreed to a settlement with the Justice Department, over civil rights abuses by deputies in the Mojave Desert. This settlement was made today in an effort to correct this long-standing issue.

Federal prosecutors noticed a pattern of discrimination against African-Americans and Hispanics in Palmdale and Lancaster. Searches, seizures, unconstitutional stops, and excessive force were some of the discrimination patterns noticed. This deal comes two years after federal prosecutors began to notice this behavior from their deputies towards African-Americans and Hispanics.

These deputies were said to have harassed and intimidated African-Americans and others in public housing. The Justice Department reported that these Los Angeles deputies would show up with multiple other officers, sometimes as many as nine, and with their guns drawn.

The goal of the settlement is to provide a form of justice to those who were violated in the form of a monetary sum and action being taken against their violators.  The Justice Department is said to be seeking $12.5 Million in the settlement. The department feels that justice needs to be served and these people deserve to be treated with respect.

By Heather Granruth

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