Modern Technology Should Be Used With Caution

Modern Technology

Modern technology has become one of the most eagerly-used resources of the new world. With a very high supply to meet the strong demand and ranging from laptops to GPS systems to almost anything that can be imagined, there is always a gadget out there waiting to be used by the right person. When looking back to the past, the mere idea of using a portable phone to look up any kind of information, and at the tap of a finger, would have sent the encyclopedia-book collectors into a hyper dimension of disbelief. Now, blasting into the future, the idea of having all sorts of information so readily available is not so unbelievable. Still, however modern technology is used, there is a lot to be discovered regarding the outcome of such common usage of modern technology; an outcome which depends on who the users are and what their motives are. For that reason, it must be viewed with a good deal of caution.

There are great advantages and disadvantages of modern technology. Business owners looking to increase their clientele by advertising the products and goods their business offers may want to build a website and use social media to bring more awareness and attention to the business. In this case, modern technology offers a fairly easy solution to do so, especially to reach a large variety of people across the world and in an efficient amount of time. Perhaps there is an important board member meeting that is supposed to take place, but an emergency situation pops up and the meeting has to be cancelled. Simply pulling out a cell phone and sending a group text can get word of the cancellation out quickly.  Also consider the use derived from a student in the last year of graduate school, who needs information to be readily available while writing last-minute reports.

In these cases, modern technology can be seen as a highly-appreciated blessing. However, with every advantage, there are disadvantages lurking which require caution. Perhaps the use of modern technology will make it easy for humans to stop relying on their own brains to seek and process information.  The constant bombardment of marketing and advertising dealt out by modern technology is painstakingly driven into the minds of people daily, and worse yet, into the minds of children. All great marketers know that reaching the youth market translates into cash.

The use of drones and other wartime equipment is also a part of modern technology. The idea of guided weapons in the hands of evil is scary and nerve wracking, especially when considering that people can create bombs using technology such as 3D printers. Geo-engineering is also a disturbing concept, bringing to mind the unbearable thought of being sprayed with harmful liquids and who knows what else. With modern technology, it is difficult to know what sort of technology exists and in whose hands. 

According to Joe Kraus, a serial entrepreneur and partner for Google Ventures, modern technology may be warping the human race. Through the use of modern devices, so readily at the disposal and with their inherent conveniences, the use of the web, social media, smartphones, computers and tablets is leading to a more distracted and less able to concentrate public. Therefore, technology may be harming the ability  of mankind to think and become more creative, which could be harming society as a whole. Humans are now able to disconnect from everyday people, including family and close social circles. Modern technology has also created unease, because new crimes, like fraud and  identity theft, lurk just behind the search engine, and are all too close and common. In this new world, technology has become a fact of modern life and it is here to stay. As long as both the good and the bad are acknowledged and caution is used, this new world will be fascinating to explore. 

Opinion by Alicia Isaac

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Image by Mervi Eskelinen- Creativecommons Flickr License

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