Apple Inc. Shunned by Amused Hacker

Apple Inc

For reasons unknown, an image presented on Google Maps depicting a robot, to be exact, the mascot that represents Google’s mobile operating system Android, is emptying its bladder directly on top of the Apple Inc. logo. No one seems to have any idea of who the amused hacker that shunned Apple Inc. is at this time, but Google is bound to trace it back to its source, it is just a matter time and a little bit of digging to determine where the blame is to be placed.

So far, what has been made pretty clear in this situation is that a user, with the help of a function called Map Maker, was able to generate the image that was discovered on the site. Map Maker is an online tool that has been around for just about a one year. It gives worldwide users the ability to upload additional information to Google’s offered mapping service in areas containing very little or no developmental structures.

Basically, the whole reason why its offered is for users, who happen to be overly knowledgeable of their local geographical surroundings, to provide Google Maps with that information, which is not available on the site. This helps for Google to ensure that the mapping service they are equipping the public with can be the most effective and accurate tool to use in order for people to hopefully reach their destination without complications regarding direction and location.

This tool makes it possible to edit and submit any information by absolutely any person interested in do so. In order to get those changes up on the site, they must be approved using a moderation process conducted by the community. As it turns out, users can easily create multiple accounts so that they can approve their own changes made to Google Maps.

There are also situations in which other users will approve inappropriate edits because they are either in on the joke or because they just want to be in on the joke. The way this particularly amused hacker was able to shun Apple Inc. through the use of Google Maps is by magically planting grass, in what Google dismissed as just awkward and random patches, next to Rawalpindi, a city in Pakistan, and was clever enough to do it without the message or image being detecting.

Google released a statement saying that they are utterly apologetic to Apple Inc. and users alike for the tasteless image placed on their map tool and were working hard to remove the image as quickly as possible. As of 11:30AM this morning, Google has corrected the situation and removed the image from the site. Global communications representative for Google Maps, Mara Harris, issued a statement saying that it is through issues such as these that they are able to gain learning experiences.

Harris claims that Google Maps employees will continue to work tirelessly on the continued efforts of making the necessary improvements to tighten up the site. Hackers such as this one, who shunned Apple Inc., will not be able to amuse themselves quite as easily as before. She also added that the majority of the users who do provide their own geographical contributions to the site are found to be very helpful and much appreciated.

By Kameron Hadley


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Photo By Geoff Livingston-Creativecommons Flickr License

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