Navy Warship Heading to Yemen to Intercept Iranian Vessels


United States Naval officials have stated on Monday that the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is currently en route towards the area off of the coast of Yemen. The ship will be joining other American naval vessels to stop any and all Iranian vessels that are carrying weapons across the sea to Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The U.S. Navy has spent the last few months reinforcing their attendance in the areas around the southern Arabian Sea and in the Gulf of Aden. There have now been accounts that a sea-faring group of Iranian vessels may possibly be heading to Yemen to transport weapons to the Houthi militants. The militants are fighting against the government-backed forces in a movement to take overf the nation.

Currently, there are around nine U.S. warships in the waters near Yemen, including destroyers and cruisers that have the ability to board and observe other ships. U.S. Navy officials spoke on the condition of obscurity due to the fact that they are not authorized to talk of ship locations.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Mark R. Alvarez – Flickr License

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