Orlando Magic and New York Knicks Set Record for Least Points Scored

Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic and the New York Knicks set the NBA record for the least number of combined points scored in a single quarter by two teams Saturday night. The teams both scored a combined 15 points in the second quarter of Saturday night’s game that they were playing at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida.

The Knicks scored a total of eight points, shooting an abysmal three for 20 from the field. They also had a pair of turnovers in the period. The Orlando Magic scored seven points and shot a measly three for 19 from the field.

The Magic went for almost an entire 10 minutes in the second quarter with only making one free throw and one basket before Victor Oladipo scored twice later in the period.

The seven points that Orlando scored ties a team record for the least number of points scored in a quarter. The record for least number of points scored in the second quarter was also set by the Magic.

By Alec Rosenberg


Star Tribune

Photo by Lee Hidalgo – Flickr License