Obama Says Clinton Would Make an Excellent President

President Barack Obama said that Hillary Rodham Clinton would make an “excellent president” in remarks made from the VII Summit for the Americas in Panama City, Panama. The president commented that Clinton was a serious opponent in the 2008 Democratic primary contest that pitted them against each other.

The president claimed that Clinton became an ardent supporter of his in the General Election that followed the primary. He would go on to win in the General Election against Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. He would also go on to tap Clinton for the cabinet position of Secretary of State. Obama had much praise for Clinton’s service saying that she was truly an outstanding Secretary of State.

Clinton is scheduled to announce her candidacy for the 2016 Democratic Party nomination for president. She is the presumptive nominee for her party. She stands out prominently against a crowded field of potential Republican presidential candidates. After announcing her candidacy, representatives say that she will embark on a grass-roots tour of Iowa to connect with primary voters. After Obama intimated that Clinton would be an excellent president, he went on to predict that she would have strong messages to present if she does indeed run.

By Chris Marion

Fox News
Photo by Barack Obama – Flickr License