Protesters in Union Square Arrested During Rally for Freddie Gray


According to local reports, at least a dozen people were arrested in Union Square on Wednesday night. The protests began today in New York City in support of Freddie Gray, who died while being taken into custody in Baltimore. Nearly 1,000 people were gathered in the square to protest.

As the group was heading down East 17th Street, police officers barricaded the street and ordered those in the group on the sidewalk. As the police and the protest group met each other, they refused the order and began clashing with police officers, injuring several of them.

In the hours before the march began, while the demonstrators gathered in Union Square, police officers were handing out flyers to the protesters to warn that they would be taken into custody if they remained in the streets. Police had barriers in place to keep a close eye on the growing crowds.

The protesters stated the organization was to show sympathy with the disgruntled people of Baltimore. One organizer stated the movement is to see that people are politicized regarding the incidents similar to one with Freddie Gray.

The rally comes just a day after similar protests resulted in injuries to officers and hundreds of people taken into custody. Most of them have been released without charge.

By Alex Lemieux


7 Online

Photo by Michael Tyznik – Flickr License


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