Russia Has Moral Values Called Into Question


Now that Russia has erupted with some major controversies concerning not only one, but two incidents of twerking gone wrong in the last two weeks, Russia’s moral values are being called into question. Kredo Modern Dance School, located in the city of Orenburg, has been completely shut down due to a video that was released on YouTube. The video made headlines for showing a group of girls, all reportedly 16 years of age, twerking provocatively during a performance.

The video, which is called Bees and Winnie the Pooh (only in this situation the honey was not coming from a jar) was showing a dance that was based on Russia’s version of the American Winnie the Pooh. The girls were wearing very revealing leotards that were striped black and orange with very tiny skirts that exposed their backside. The dance moves they were making on stage consisted of a lot of gyrating, air humping and of course twerking, which only emphasized the body parts that were purposefully left uncovered.

Once the video hit the web, it only took a matter of seconds to spark a national controversy that involved journalists, bloggers and law enforcement. That same day, the blame was placed on Kredo Modern Dance School and authorities immediately shut the place down. Investigations were conducted by the Regional Investigative Committee, who were in search for answers to whether or not school staff members should be held accountable for indecency by allowing dancers under the age of 18 to perform an incredibly inappropriate dance routine in front of an audience.

A spokeswoman for the Investigative Committee released a statement saying the youth center that was hosting Kredo will be investigated for potential charges of committing lascivious acts, which carries a prison sentence of up to 15 years. The dance school owners and managers are being questioned by investigators. The identification of the parents of the underage dance performers are also being sought. After the video went viral almost instantaneously, the mayor of Orenburg pleaded to parents that if their children want to learn how to dance, to please sign them up for style of dance that is deemed respectable, because with acts such as these the moral values of Russia are being called into question.

The second incident that caused uproar in the Russian government was another twerking video released on YouTube, involving six women who had mistakenly decided to twerk around the Russian World War II memorial. This incident landed three of the women featured in the video in jail, on charges of hooliganism. One woman, 19 years of age, was sentenced to 15 days in jail. Another two women, both in their 20s, were sentenced to 10 days in jail. Two others featured in the video were left to pay fines, and the sixth woman was found to be underage so no punishment was administered.

Prosecutors in this case, along with the mayor of Orenburg, all share the belief that twerking is erotic and sexual and just down right unacceptable by young ladies who want to be respected by the people around them. Due to all these underage women recording themselves dancing so sexually, Russia is calling their moral values into question. They do not understand why young women are choosing to degrade themselves, and it is causing the country a lot of grief.

By Kameron Hadley


The Daily Caller


The Moscow Times

Photo By Aaron White-Creativecommons Flickr License

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