Indonesia to Execute Foreign Drug Traffickers Within 72 Hours


Indonesia gave formal notice to nine foreign and one local drug trafficker of their pending execution within 72 hours. The foreigners include four men from Nigerian, two from Australian, a Brazilian, a French and a woman from the Philippines.

The country has received requests from the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon to stop the execution. He also urged the Indonesian President Joko Widodo, to consider abolishing the death penalty.

Capital punishment in Indonesia means facing the firing squad. For these 10 people, that will be at Besi Prison on Nusakambangan Island. The pending execution announcement has met with international criticism in the native countries of the foreign nationals. Australia, France and the Philippines are opposed to the death penalty and the French President has warned of diplomatic consequences if the executions were to continue. The Australian prime minister is on a visit to Paris and will discuss the issue with his French counterpart. The Philippine president has said that he would appeal to Widodo when they meet at a summit in Malaysia tomorrow.

Tony Spontana, spokesman for the Indonesian attorney general’s office said that the legal options of all the foreigners, except for the Frenchman have been exhausted. Their last wishes have also been asked. There is a very slim chance that the prisoners would be pardoned as earlier this year, Indonesia had executed six drug smugglers from the Netherlands, Brazil, Malawi, Nigeria and Vietnam.

By Anugya Chitransh


The Blade


Philippine Information Agency

Photo by Josh Estey for AusAID taken from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Creativecommons Flickr License

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