Sandra Bullock Could Really Win a Beauty Pageant


In the movie Miss Congeniality, version one, Sandra Bullock plays an awkward tomboy who is transformed into a beautiful pageant contestant, for the sake of security. But in real life, Sandra Bullock is anything but awkward and could probably really win a beauty pageant, if she wanted to. Even before being named in People Magazine as world’s most beautiful woman, Bullock had a way about her that made her seem appealing on the inside and out.

Though many of her most recent movies, such as Gravity, brought her success, it was the Miss Congeniality movie pair that many remember her for the most. As a beautiful person in real life, Sandra was somewhat downgraded in the first movie to appear as a low-maintenance FBI agent, picked to go under cover at a beauty pageant, where it was believed that the contestants may be in danger. Bullock was “made-up” to look like a true pageant winner, though in real life she does not seem to need a lot of help in that area. In the Miss Congeniality sequel, Bullock’s character goes under cover as a Las Vegas show girl.

Through all of the movies that Sandra has done, everyone seems to have a favorite, but as a beautiful actress it seems that she could star in anything and win, even a beauty pageant. Contestants of a beauty pageant not only have to be beautiful, of course, but they also have to have a good character. Over the years co-actors and actresses have made comments on what it is like to work with Bullock in a movie. The reviews seem pretty positive.

George Clooney said it was fun to be in a room with Bullock. After working together on The Heat, Bullock and Melissa McCarthey apparently became best friends, as they had humor in common. From the same movie, Demian Bichir sayed that he was enamored by the actresses’s sense of humor and acting style. Joey McIntyre also said good things about both Bullock and McCarthey, after filming The Heat. Overall, Sandra does not seem to have many complaints against her character and acting ability. And of course, those who do have complaints – well, critics will be critics.

Sandra certainly has the character to star in a pageant, as her character did in a movie. She is apparently friendly, easy to work with, funny, and seems to even have a good heart. With People Magazine’s new title for Sandra as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman, it feels like she has already won.

There is Miss America, Miss Universe and even Miss Teen USA, but as People’s Most Beautiful Woman Sandra takes an honor that outranks all female celebrities in the eyes of People Magazine. She is the oldest woman to win the award, as well, at 50-years-of-age. Though Sandra speaks in the magazine issue mostly about raising her son, according to sources, she also mentions what she thinks beauty means to her. The issue is set to come out soon and will feature Sandra on the cover.

Though Sandra’s award mention from People Magazine hardly qualifies her to participate in a pageant, based on beauty and character alone, Bullock could probably really win. As one of Hollywood’s top paid actresses, this is surely not the last award we will see for Sandra Bullock.

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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